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Spartacus (Greek: Σπάρτακος Spártakos; Latin: Spartacus; c. 111-71 BC) was a Thracian gladiator who, along with Crixus, Gannicus, Castus, and Oenomaus, was one of the escaped slave leaders in the Third Servile War, a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic.Little is known about him beyond the events of the war, and surviving historical accounts are sometimes contradictory Spartacus Was a Real Gladiator and the Baddest Rebel Leader in Rome By: Nathan Chandler | Feb 6, 2020 Kirk Douglas, with armor on his right arm, engages in a fight in a scene from the 1960 movie Spartacus, directed by Stanley Kubrick. Douglas played the title character The iconic scene at the end of Kirk Douglas's take on the character sees his defeated companions stand, one by one, and declare, I am Spartacus. It's a rallying cry to this day, people together for a common cause, acting as one. But whether or not the moment actually happened in history, we're still asking: Who was Spartacus

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By J. Richland Anderson Published Jul 04, 2019 For those unfamiliar with it, Spartacus was a Starz original TV series that ran from 2010-2013 and focused on the legend of the real-life person. The series focused on Spartacus during three key moments in his life, from his time as a slave all the way to his death A Thracian by birth, Spartacus served in the Roman army, perhaps deserted, led bandit raids, and was caught and sold as a slave. With about 70 fellow gladiators he escaped a gladiatorial training school at Capua in 73 and took refuge on Mount Vesuvius, where other runaway slaves joined the band Legend tells that when the Romans defeated the slave revolt led by the gladiator Spartacus in 71 BCE, they searched in vain for the real Spartacus. Every captive proclaimed I am Spartacus, in a.. In real life, Spartacus was most likely not his real name. Spartacus was said to be a Thracian. Gladiators were seen as the celebrities of their time, and giving him the name of a Thracian prince (Sportokos) and Latinizing it would've appealed a lot to the Roman crowds in the Arena

In the scene, Thracian he-man Spartacus, played by Welsh-born actor Andy Whitfield, is making love to his wife. The camera lovingly pans down their writhing naked bodies. Sex scenes, in fact, come. Lucy Lawless has admitted that filming her sex scenes on Spartacus was awkwardAnd why wouldn't they be, her husband, Rob Tapert, is the executive producer of the show Imagine your man watching.

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As a slave and a Thracian barbarian, Spartacus was despicable to Romans. As a former allied soldier, he was pathetic. From their point of view, the Romans had offered Spartacus the hand of.. Spartacus was one of those Thracians. Wikimedia Commons The Roman Empire as of 100 B.C., around the time when Spartacus was born Spartacus appears to be considered a real historic figure by historians and scholars. Spartacus (Greek: Σπάρτακος Spártakos; Latin: Spartacus; c. 111-71 BC) was a Thracian gladiator who, along with Crixus, Gannicus, Castus, and Oenomaus, was one of the escaped slave leaders in the Third Servile War, a major slave uprising against.

Who was Spartacus in real life. Spartacus Gladiator: Spartacus (109 BC - ca. 71 BC) was a gladiator of Thracian origin, lived in the Roman Republic and was the leader of the most famous slave revolt in Ancient Rome, known as Third Servile War , Slave War or Gladiator War Take the titular character, Spartacus himself. The man history knows was in fact, as the show portrays, a Thracian gladiator who was enslaved and forced into gladiatorial combat by the Romans. That man later escaped and was an instrumental figure in the Third Servile War, a slave uprising that took place between 73 and 71 BC

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The real Spartacus was a tribal warrior from the ancient region of Thrace, which is now part of Greece, Bulgaria, and Turkey. His tribe was probably conquered by the Roman army -history's a little unclear on this- because he became a Roman soldier. Then he deserted the army, was captured, was brought to Rome, and then was sold into slavery Spartacus (2010-2013) ★ Then and Now in 2021Spartacus (TV series) main cast:Andy WhitfieldLiam McIntyreJohn HannahLucy LawlessCraig ParkerManu BennettPeter M.. Spartacus Gladiator of Rome Slot. The legend of the Thracian gladiator Spartacus, who won the hearts and minds of many people with his fighting skills and military leadership, is brought to life in Spartacus Gladiator of Rome online slot.Spartacus shook the foundation of the vast and powerful Roman Empire, leaving his mark on history and serving as the subject of a television series and many a. Crucifixion is the execution involving being suspended from a cross, stake, or tree by rope, nails, or both. Crucifixion was used throughout the Mediterranean and Middle East in various forms throughout antiquity. By the Roman Republic, crucifixion was the form of execution reserved for slaves and traitors, due to its torturous degradation of the condemned. The condemned was stripped naked and.

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  1. Segovax is a Gaul slave bought by Batiatus in the markets to train in Batiatus' Ludus. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Blood and Sand 4 Trivia 5 Quotes 6 References Segovax has long, dark dreadlocks that fall below his shoulders. He is taller than average, tan, and very muscular. He has been compared to the other recruits as having a larger than average penis, and it is for this reason that.
  2. Contrary to what the book and movie portray, the historical Spartacus was born free in Thrace, a region divided amongst modern-day Greece, Bulgaria, and Turkey. He may have served in the Thracian Army or the Roman Army in Macedonia. Rome often impressed soldiers of armies it had defeated into its own army
  3. But who was Spartacus? Well, we're gonna tell you. Today, we're going to take a look at some facts about the life of the real Spartacus, the gladiator and slave who led an uprising. Spartacus was born in a country called Thrac, which was an ancient land made up of various chunks of what today is Southeastern Europe
  4. Spartacus was born in Thrace, an area where the modern-day Balkans states, including Turkey, Bulgaria, and Greece, are located.Though little is known about Spartacus' early life, historians believe he may once have served in the Roman army.. Spartacus was sold into slavery, perhaps due to rebellion against or desertion from the army. He was sent to the gladiatorial training school in Capua.
  5. 'Spartacus War': Story Of The Real-Life Gladiator The legend of Spartacus has inspired so many fanciful retellings, it's easy to lose track of what actually happened back in 73 BC. In The Spartacus War, Barry Strauss gives a historical account of the charismatic rebel who inspired a slave revolt against Rome

The real Spartacus was a soldier in the Roman army before being made a prisoner. He became a slave, and was sold as a gladiator. This is approximately the plot of Gladiator, which is not about. Spartacus was not a legend; he was a real historical person. It is many of the stories told about him that are the legends. Related Articles on Ancient-Origins. 19 October, 2020 - 22:01 Alicia McDermott. Take an Eye-Opening Journey into the Past: Top 10 Historical TV Series But leading scholarship on the subject is Aldo Schiavone's Spartacus (2013) and Brent Shaw's Spartacus and the Slave Wars: A Brief History with Documents (2001). It is typically claimed that our earliest references are Plutarch's Life of Crassus (wr. c. 100 AD) and Appian's Civil War (wr. c. 150 AD), which date hundreds of years after. Spartans were Greeks; Spartacus was an Illyrian (I believe) who ticked off the Romans enough to be sentenced to enslavement and eventual death in the arena. Spartacus -- from what I've read -- is roughly translated as spear user, and may have been his arena fighting style (or role) rather than his actual name. - Rob Crawford Feb 19 '19 at. 2. Spartacus. Spartacus is far and away the most famous gladiator. Though he was believed to be royalty, Spartacus wasn't always the fierce warrior we know today. In fact, he was captured and taken from his home at an early age and sold into a life of slavery

You see, at the end of the real Third Servile War history tells us that Spartacus more than likely died, as he does at the end of the series. As we mentioned earlier, writers and producers were obviously filling in the details with drama and action created from their imaginations, but the overall story was based on historical events Lucy Lawless Talks 'Spartacus' Merkin, Prosthetic Penises. Lucy Lawless gets topless and more in the Starz drama 'Spartacus,' and in an interview with Uinterview.com she talks about what it's like on the often-nude Ancient Rome set. You can see some NSFW stills and video of topless Lucy Lawless here. Here are some highlights The Real Spartacus. The following is an article from The Best of the Best of Uncle John's Bathroom Reader. The true story of the slave who became the most feared man in the Roman Empire! A noble hero meets a black-hearted villain in battle! A rebel uprising! Romance, adventure, and a cast of thousands! THRACE IS THE PLACE While 1960's Spartacus was the subject of plenty of behind-the-scenes drama, including a script by then-blacklisted writer Dalton Trumbo, it should not be forgotten that the movie featured an.

The Real Story of Spartacus. The Life of Spartacus. Gladiators. Explore Ancient Rome. Ancient Rome for Kids. Quick Comparison: Ancient Greeks vs. Ancient Romans. Geography, Natural Resources, Maps. Timelines. Three Periods in Roman History. Rome as a Kingdom. The Etruscans. Horatius at the Bridge Spartacus himself ultimately fell fighting in battle. Pompey's army intercepted and killed many slaves who were escaping northward, and 6,000 prisoners were crucified by Crassus along the Appian Way. Before all that we're going to head back to the Amphitheater where Spartucus started fighting in the city of Capua, Italy

The Bizarre Life Of The Man Who Killed Spartacus. Marcus Licinius Crassus was a Roman politician and general who was also probably the richest man Rome had ever seen. His insatiable hunger for wealth led him to acquire most of the property in Rome and gain great political power by keeping much of the Roman Senate in his pocket. He gained fame. Thanks to the iconic 1960 movie, the gladiator rebel Spartacus is known even to those with the barest grasp of Roman history. But despite the popularity of the story of the famous slave rebellion, surprisingly little is known about Spartacus' right-hand man, Crixus Spartacus on the Screen []. Since virtually nothing is known about the real Spartacus except what Roman writers had chosen to record, his story is a nearly a blank canvas Spartacus is an American television series produced in New Zealand that premiered on Starz on January 22, 2010, and concluded on April 12, 2013. The fiction series was inspired by the historical figure of Spartacus, a Thracian gladiator who from 73 to 71 BC led a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic departing from Capua. Executive producers Steven S. DeKnight and Robert Tapert. Interesting Spartacus Facts: 1-5. 1. Spartacus was born in 111 BCE. According to Plutarch - a Roman essayist, Spartacus was a Thracian Nomadic stock. 2. According to Appian, a Roman historian but Greek by birth, Spartacus was born in Thrace but once served as a soldier of Rome. Later he was sold into slavery from where he was sold into a.

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  1. r/Spartacus_TV. Sub for the Starz TV series 'Spartacus'. Betrayed by the Romans. Forced into slavery. Reborn as a Gladiator. Torn from his homeland and the woman he loves, Spartacus is condemned to the brutal world of the arena where blood and death are primetime entertainment. 5.5k. Gladiators. 56
  2. The penultimate episode of Spartacus, titled The Dead and the Dying, airs tonight. That a gladiator like Spartacus should have a wife to help his rebellion catch fire seems like a Hollywood touch but, in fact, it's true. She was a Thracian like him, from the same tribe. Neither her name nor the name of their tribe survives
  3. Spartacus was a Thracian gladiator who, along with the Gauls Crixus, Gannicus, Castus and Oenomaus, was one of the escaped slave leaders in the Third Servile War, a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic. Take a look below for 30 more fascinating and interesting facts about Spartacus. 1. Little is known about Spartacus beyond..
  4. Spartacus. Spartacus represents the pinnacle of the epic film trend which included spectaculars such as Cleopatra, Ben Hur, and Fall of the Roman Empire. It was acclaimed as the first truly intelligent epic, but its director, the highly acclaimed Stanley Kubrick, has largely disowned it.Kubrick took the assignment, partially as a way of escaping the ill-fated One-Eyed Jacks project he was.

The Real Spartacus: Directed by William Lyons. This historical detective story leads us on an intriguing and visually spectacular journey to expose the true story of the soldier, robber, slave and gladiator who led the most memorable slave uprising of the Roman Republic. Beneath the legend, there lies the story of a man who was at turns both a great leader and a cruel one The weird fact is that in real history Spartucs killed many romans in each battles and in that final battle romans got 1000 loses but Spartacus'army 60 000, it seems that something gone wrong, like Sparctasus being wounded prematurely, early in the battle causing this..

Spartacus is without a doubt the most famous gladiator of the Roman Empire, and he was in fact a real person. He was a Thracian soldier or mercenary who ended up being sold a slave and then became a gladiator. He was one of the leaders of a revolt at the gladiator school of Capua, which ended in 70 of the trainees escaping Spartacus summary: Spartacus was a Thracian gladiator. Little is known about his life before he became one of the slave leaders in the Third Servile War, the slave uprising war against the Roman Republic. Spartacus may have served in the Roman Army. It is generally believed he deserted, and some sources say he led bandit raids

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  1. There is a real possibility that the success of the Thracian gladiator and his many victories so impressed the Romans that they adopted a new strategy to prevent future insurrections. There was a conscious effort by the elite to treat their slaves in a more humane way to prevent a repeat of Spartacus revolt
  2. The Appian Way. This is where Crassus Crucified the survivors of Spartacus's army, one about every 60 feet. Spartacus also camped for a while on the slopes of vesuvius. It was dormant and they did not know it was a volcano at that time. they thought it was jsut a mountain. This is prior tio 79AD Pompeii eruption
  3. 3. Spartacus. Rebel leader. Type of fighter: thraex. Perhaps the most famous gladiator of all, Spartacus has been portrayed in works of fine art, films, television programmes, literature, and computer games. Although not a huge amount is known about him, most historians agree that he was a captured Thracian soldier, sold into slavery and.

Plutarch and Spartacus' Marriage. Varinia is the name novelist Howard Fast invented for the wife of Spartacus. She was called Sura in the recent TV series Spartacus: Blood and Sand. We don't know for sure that Spartacus was married, let alone what his wife's name was—although Plutarch does say Spartacus was married to a Thracian The real Spartacus remains as much of an enigma at the end of this documentary as he was at the beginning. Even his astonishing victories over the Romans are still mysterious. Nobody seems to know.

Agron is a skilled German fighter who was one of the later recruits to Batiatus' Ludus who would later become one of Spartacus' chief lieutenants during the rebellion. Never having been fond of the Romans in the first place, Agron harbors a visceral hatred towards the Romans ever since he lost his brother Duro during the upheaval at Batiatus' ludus.After the death of his brother, he goes on to. When you play Spartacus Super Colossal Reels for free or for real money, you'll be transported to Ancient Rome where you'll come up against the great gladiator. Some of the high-value symbols that appear include the Colosseum, two gladiators, a lion, an additional fighter, a sword and a chariot. The low-value symbols are A, K, Q and J

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As the Starz drama Spartacus: War of the Damned hurtles towards its conclusion, historian Barry Strauss tells the story of an unsung heroine of the era: Spartacus's wife Spartacus and the Slave Revolt. Slavery existed in Rome far before the Spartacus Slave Revolt. From the 8th to the 2nd centuries B.C. most slaves were of Roman or Italian origin. This changed during and after the 3rd century, when Roman expansion brought in a significant number of slaves of foreign origin. Slavery was crucial component of Roman. In this lesson, learn what historians have uncovered about the real Spartacus. Create an account Introduction. Spartacus was responsible for one of history's most daring rebellions, the Third. Who was the Black Spartacus? Toussaint L'Ouverture is one of the most important figures in world history. He was the subject of numerous books and poems from his death in 1803 until the end of the 19th century. For the Romantics, Toussaint signified the dawning of a new era in the Americas and was an emblem of hope in the slavery abolition.

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The real blame for the failure of Spartacus to reach its full potential as a sophisticated historical epic must fall on the shoulders of the anti-communist McCarthyite right which was engaged in a rear-guard action to preserve the blacklist and was thus hell-bent on destroying this film, either by preventing its production altogether, or. Spartacus was a real person who lived during the 60-year period of slave rebellions in Rome when slaves had no rights. The rebellions began in 135 BCE when 40 percent of the people in Rome were slaves owned by the top 2 percent of the population. As many as 99 percent of the slaves were Europeans, not Africans Spartacus is our moral center trying to hold things together but he also completely understands why you would want to make the Romans suffer even more than you suffered. So it is a very dirty season EXCLUSIVE: Spartacus will not be the only recast role on the second season of Starz's flagship series Spartacus: Blood and Sand. I hear Lesley-Ann Brandt, who played Naevia, body slave to Lucretia.

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  1. The real reason that spartacus has to fight is the love of his wife, and thats why spartacus stay alive, he want to ern some mony to buy his freedom and his wife freedom too. Lentulus Batiatus. He is the lanist who bought spartacus. He used to have some mony problems and he spected tha spartacus save him from his debt
  2. Spartacus is a 1960 American epic historical drama film directed by Stanley Kubrick,[3] written by Dalton Trumbo, and based on the 1951 novel of the same title by Howard Fast. It is inspired by the life story of Spartacus, the leader of a slave revolt in antiquity, and the events of the Third Servile War. It stars Kirk Douglas in the title role, Laurence Olivier as Roman general and politician.
  3. In the case of the real Spartacus and the real rebel army, they fought wave upon wave of Romans, heading north, south, west, east, and then north again before the conflict reached a conclusion. Rather than extending the life of the show to a planned five-to-seven seasons, all of that history will be condensed into a final season of 10 episode
  4. Customer Reviews: Closely related to ratings, these paragraphs give you first-hand and detailed information from real-world users about their Spartacus Complete Series Blu Ray Release Date. Product Quality : You don't always get what you pay for with an Spartacus Complete Series Blu Ray Release Date, sometimes less, and sometimes more
  5. The first Spartacus movie was a silent film made in 1913! For many years, the 1960 version starring Kirk Douglas was considered one of the greatest history films ever made. In the 1960 film, Spartacus is portrayed as a slave seeking an end to slavery. The real Spartacus was a much more complex person
  6. Spartacus (approximately 100-71 BCE), was a gladiator from Thrace who led a major revolt against Rome. Little is known about this fighting enslaved man from Thrace beyond his role in the spectacular revolt that became known as the Third Servile War (73-71 BCE)

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  1. ated When Father Was Away on Business, Beauty of Vice, Three For Happiness and In the Jaws of Life.Mira Furlan. Birth. 7 Sep 1955 Zagreb, Grad Zagreb, City of Zagreb (Grad Zagreb), Croatia. Burial. Unknown. Memorial ID. 221475320 · View Source
  2. Spartacus was shaped too by the ideas of anti-Communists like U.S. President Ronald Reagan, who invoked Spartacus as a hero of freedom, and Arthur Koestler, a disillusioned ex-Communist who wrote.
  3. Sub for the Starz TV series 'Spartacus'. Betrayed by the Romans. Forced into slavery. Reborn as a Gladiator. Torn from his homeland and the woman he loves, Spartacus is condemned to the brutal world of the arena where blood and death are primetime entertainment
  4. Spartacus The most famous gladiator of them all, Spartacus has a name that was popular in ancient times, and also in modern times, with his story being told and retold throughout the ages. Despite being captured Spartacus was a strong, powerful and skilled man who had a natural affinity towards fighting and leadership

Picture of Leonidas and his soldiers (Source: 300 Movie) T he 300 Spartans legend is quite famous among history fanatics as it presents a small army going against all odds. This story, heavily publicized in 2006 when the movie 300 came out, telling the tale from the epic battle of Thermopylae, but forgetting some 0's along the way as well as changing some facts to make the story more. The movement eventually accumulated 70,000 followers, pillaging towns across Italy. Spartacus attempted to lead his rowdy band back home to their native lands, but they preferred to stay and increase their ill-gotten gains. The Roman legions eventually defeated and crucified thousands of them, and Spartacus was killed in battle in 71 BC Lucretia makes her seduce Spartacus in order to check if he can perform for her friend Licinia. Although he initially turns down her advances, Mira and Spartacus end up developing real feelings for one another, and she becomes a helpful aide in the rebellion. Trained by Spartacus, she develops into a skilled archer and warrior Address: 300 SW 12th Ave., Portland, OR 97205 Phone: 503-224-2604 Hours: Sunday-Thursday: Noon - 8pm Friday & Saturday: Noon - 9p

TheWrap, in an attempt to solve the, ahem, big mystery, reached out to HBO and have yet to hear back on whether audiences saw Skarsgard's real (or fake) penis. HBO is known for not shying away. Spartacus. While Julius Caesar was climbing to the heights of political power in Rome, Spartacus was little more than property: he was a slave from the Greek state of Thrace Real Movies Fake History with Gaz and Mel. Spartacus. 30. 00:00:00 / 01:50:30. 30. How historically accurate is Stanley Kubrick's epic Spartacus? This time Gaz and Mel take on the Hollywood classic about the slave that took on the Roman Empire! Starring Kirk Douglas, Jean Simmons, Laurence Olivier and Charles Laughton Spartacus: a real representative of the proletariat of ancient times. In the first century BC, a slave named Spartacus threatened the might of Rome. Spartacus (c. 109 BC-71 BC) was the leader (or possibly one of several leaders) of the massive slave uprising known as the Third Servile War. Under his leadership, a tiny band of rebel gladiators.

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In real life, the choices are not always so clear. Kirk Douglas' fascinating 2012 book I Am Spartacus recounts the whole period and goes into detail about how the blacklist affected the. The Real Spartacus Moment: How The Kavanaugh Hearing Played Out A Familiar Tale Of Ambition and Hubris. Below is my column in The Hill newspaper on the controversial declaration of Sen. Cory Booker (D, NJ) that he was taking his Spartacus stand in releasing a restricted, non-public document regardless of the consequences.. I ordered a drink and gave the name Spartacus. When the barista called the name, a group of 20 men stood up one-by-one proclaiming to be Spartacus. The real punchline arrived at the end, when a man dressed as a Roman slave arrived to claim the beverage. The scene was produced without the knowledge of the Starbucks

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Andy Whitfield, who starred in the television series Spartacus: Blood and Sand died on Sunday in Sydney, Australia. He was 39. The cause was non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, his wife, Vashti, said. Spartacus (c. 109-71 B.C.) was a gladiator from Thrace, most famous as a leader in a major slave revolt. This uprising against the Roman Republic, commonly referred to as the Third Servile War, saw Spartacus joined by a number of Gauls in fighting against Roman dominance

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If Spartacus was his real name his parents gave it to him, just as our parents name us. If it was a name given to him by the owner of his gladiatorial school, it was more than likely a name. Spartacus was the leader of an army of runaway slaves that shook Italy in 73-71 BCE but was ultimately defeated by the Roman general Crassus. There are two important sources about this revolt: the story is told in the Life of Crassus by Plutarch of Chaeronea, and in the Civil Wars by Appian of Alexandria.Both authors lived in the second century CE, but used older accounts, such as the. Sure, you might know the famous movie quote I am Spartacus!, but who was the real gladiator Spartacus? He was a Thracian-born mercenary-turned-probable deserter who was sold into slavery in the first century BCE, becoming a gladiator at a famed school in Italy

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At the time, Douglas — who turns 100 years old on Friday — was the biggest star on the planet, with a range that blew away audiences, whether he was wielding a sword against the Romans as Spartacus or crying in anguish as Vincent van Gogh in Lust for Life. He didn't have to answer to Cavett — or anyone, for that matter And die they did; not the actors but the real army of Spartacus, crucified in their thousands along the Appian Way that leads to Rome. M. J. Trow has now revised his gripping biography, the first to be written in English, of this legend who has become all things to all men. He was the focus of a ballet and an opera Meaning & History. Means from the city of Sparta in Latin. Spartacus was the name of a Thracian-born Roman slave who led a slave revolt in Italy in the 1st century BC. He was eventually killed in battle and many of his followers were crucified. Other Languages & Cultures Spartak ( Albanian) Spartak ( Armenian) Spartak ( Bulgarian) Spartak.

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Whole legions were sent to kill Spartacus, but these were easily defeated by the fighting spirit and experience of the gladiators. In 71 BC, Marcus Licinius Crassus amassed 50,000 well-trained Roman soldiers to pursue and defeat Spartacus. Crassus trapped Spartacus in Southern Italy, routing his forces and killing Spartacus in the process As Spartacus continued to have success against the Roman army, more and more slaves began to desert their owners and join up with Spartacus. Soon Spartacus' forces had grown to over 70,000 slaves! The gladiators used their fighting experience to train the slaves how to fight. They also had lots of weapons and armor from defeating the Roman troops Strauss added: On the ['Spartacus: Blood and Sand'] television show, as in the Kirk Douglas movie, Spartacus is obsessed with his woman. It might have really been real, and the women were there for emotional as well as material support. Spartacus was an allied soldier in the Roman army before he was sold into slavery

Viva Bianca's Spartacus: Vengeance character Ilithyia has certainly changed since we first met her. She has grown from a mischievous schemer into an upper-class married woman, with a trail of devastation lying in her wake. We last saw Ilithyia two years ago in Spartacus: Blood and Sand as she sealed the doors, closing the pesky Lucretia (Lucy Lawless) behind them Spartacus left an impact on the relationships between slaves and their owners and arguably influenced a short term slave shortage. In the immediate years following the revolt, bandits, mostly men left over from the slave army, harassed noble travels who crossed their paths Spartacus defeated two legions under Crassus's legate Mummius and withdrew towards the strait of Messina. There he intended to cross to Sicily, where the first two Servile Wars (135-132 bce and 104-99 bce) had been fought. Spartacus hoped to reignite these rebellions and to bolster his forces b After four seasons on Starz, Spartacus has just completed the final leg of its tumultuous journey. Not all of that tumult was confined to the action depicted onscreen: When the show's original.